Shoes For Back Pain Management

The Right Shoes For Back Pain Management

The back is a very complex structure made up of muscles, bones, joints and nerves. Back pain can be one of the worst experiences for a person to have. Depending on the cause back pain can be in the lower or upper back. Once a person knows they have back pain they can take many steps to manage that pain and one of those steps is to get better walking shoes. Click here to read more info about walking Shoes.

Footwear and Back Pain – The Connection

It may seem unrelated at first but sometimes the type of shoes that a person wears regularly can affect back pain. Feet are the base of a person and if they are not sound and stabled then there can be many effects for the rest of the body. The connection is made through back pain and footwear with the choices that a person makes for what they wear on their feet. There are two extremes in walking shoes choices especially for women. On one end of the spectrum, the heel is too high causing the body’s alignment to be thrown off thus adding extra strain on the lower back. On the other end the heel is non-existent (in the case of flip flops) and do not offer any support those causing a lack of support which leads to arch pain and still affect a person’s back. Read more

The Right Shoes For Back Pain Management

The Best Choices in Shoes for Back Pain Management

Regardless of the pain that a person is feeling whether in the lower or upper back, there are guidelines on shoe selection. For some choices a regular shoe store is sufficient, however for other choices which include customized shoes then a visit to a speciality shop is needed. During walking shoes selection the most important factor is the arch of the foot. Factors of the best walking shoes are:

Running shoes – these are designed to address different issues. There is motion control for person with low arches, stability in the shoes for person with a neutral arch and cushioned modifications for persons with high arches.

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Minimal shoes – these are a more specialised shoe and are designed in a way which makes the foot hitting the ground first with the middle or front part instead of the heel.

Inserts/Insoles specially designed – these can help with back pain management as they provide extra support.

Specialized Footwear and Back Pain

When it comes to walking shoes selection for someone with back pain, they should try to proactively select special shoes based on their situation as these choices can help ease some of the back pain. The specialised footwear are the ones which have been modified to treat a person’s specific situation. Specialised footwear can lead to better alignment of the body and therefore have a positive effect on the back.

Walking is a part of everyday life and comfort is an important factor to help prevent any potential problems and alleviate/ease any existing ones in a person’s feet or back. A good walking shoes review can suggest shoes that are beneficial to a person depending on their specific situation/injury/pain.