Go Touchless in the Restroom with Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers



With modern futuristic designs and eco-friendly features, sensor-based touchless paper towel dispensers are gaining popularity rapidly.

And why not?

These innovative gadgets control the amount of paper that is dispensed, so there is less wastage as opposed to traditional paper towel dispensers. That is why commercial paper towel holders of the touchless type are seen more and more in various public restrooms like in restaurants and at the malls.

Besides saving paper, these dispensers are also conducive to a germ-free healthier environment at home and in workplaces. Nobody likes touching various points in a public restroom that has been touched with possibly dirt-ridden or germ-ridden hands of dozens of other people.

Going touchless in the restroom is a trend that is catching on fast as everyone realises the many perks of being as hygienic as possible and not getting contaminated by scores of germs like bacteria by touching the toilet items that others do; leading to an illness or more.

Motion sensors automate the dispensing of paper towels when they feel your hand beneath it and without touching a thing, you’re given paper towel for drying or cleaning your hands.

No pulling or battling with paper towels in public restrooms or getting too many at one go. This touchless technology is here to stay, if just for the sake of better hygiene.

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