How To Find The Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

A great deal of consideration goes into choosing the most comfortable walking shoes. Customers have a wide selection of choices. When shopping for a comfortable shoe, there are certain factors to consider when looking for the right fit.


Fit is a big concern when looking for walking shoes. Comfort and fit complements each other. A shoe that is too tight will not be comfortable nor fit right on the foot. Some people are hesitant about shopping for shoes online. When shopping online, there is the possibility of saving more compared to going to the store. However, customers can still shop online and try the shoe on before purchasing it. If you are planning to buy a certain shoe, then you can go to the store and try it on. After examining it at the store, you can leave and go make the purchase online. This allows for receiving the extra discounts while still getting to see it in person.

Trained Employees

Many stores have trained employees that can help with fitting customers. Trained employee is not afraid to tell the customers that the shoe does not fit because of wanting them to return to the store. If the store does not have trained employees, then they should at least measure the foot, look at the width and arch to help with finding the appropriate styles. Employees should also have insight on footwear sold by the business. They should know, which footwear have certain features and if it runs large or small. Smart employees are able to identify special features for customers, such as roll bars or padding. The roll bars are located on the heel and helps with stabilizing walking. Special features help with improving comfort.

Good Walking Shoes – The Role of Width and Length

Fit is more involved than just length. Width is essential when it comes to comfortable walking shoes. It should not be overly loose or too tight. Most people focus on shoe sizing and use it as a tool for find the best walking shoe. The main focus should be on finding one with the right width and length. It can be hard for women to find shoes with the right measurements, which is the reason for buying men shoes.

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Arch is another concern when selecting footwear. There are a variety levels of arch support. Good walking shoes provide the proper amount of arch support. People with flat feet may be more comfortable after removing the interior and replacing it with orthotics. There are even shoes that are made to simulate walking on bare feet. Customers can find footwear for most arch types.

Test the Shoe

To get a feel of the comfort level, you want to try it on and walk around. Some people say that the shoe needs to be “broke in” when it hurts the feet. It should not pinch or hurt in any way. It also helps to walk around for five minutes to check for discomfort. The shoe is not supposed to hurt when trying on for the first time and should feel comfortable. If it hurts, then you need to select another shoe when trying to find the most comfortable walking shoes.

Finding comfortable shoes are an investment and can be quite pricey. Customers should not spend more than $100. It is very possible to find something for a lot less. People with foot issues will have to spend more to find the most comfortable walking shoes.

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