Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing All Day

Standing for long periods when not wearing the right shoes is painful. Many jobs such as retail, nursing and factory work require employees to stand for hours at a time. The right footgear is essential for maintaining health of the feet, stopping back pain and preventing Plantar Fasciitis Syndrome. The most comfortable shoes for standing all day involves considering a variety of factors.

Best Work Shoes For Standing – Footwear to Avoid

There is certain footwear to avoid depending on the activity. If you are going to be standing on hard concrete, then you should avoid heels and find comfortable shoes for standing. Heels put strain on the ankles, balls of the feet, spinal cord and the knees. They do not provide the necessary support for extended standing. Other footgear to avoid on hard surfaces are flat shoes like dress flats, deck shoes or flip-flops with thin soles. These types of footwear do not provide the right amount of arch support and can be painful. Wearing them can also result in injury.

New Balance Shoes

New Balance is one of the most comfortable shoes for standing all day when it comes to walking and running shoes. The footgear is made with a comfortable design and great for long periods of standing. Some shoes for the brand provide durable midsoles and great heel support. The midsoles are important when it comes to comfort. Low-quality lines make shoes with midsoles from cheap material, which leads to losing cushioning from protecting the feet. New Balance is different and provides footwear that is made with high-quality midsoles and durability.

Dansko Brand

Dansko is a brand known for the best shoes for standing all day. They are one of the top brands recommended by doctors and nurses. The footgear is designed for foot health and some with features for standing. Many styles have arch support, a wider toe, polypropylene inner frame and heel cup. A polypropylene inner frame helps with lateral stability and decreases torque. The brand can be expensive, but made from high quality materials.

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles are an alternative to not having to buy another pair of shoes. They are made of high-quality materials and developed by podiatrists. The insoles are made with features that provide relief to the arches, balls of the feet and heels. They are slipped into the sneaker and works by providing cushioning around the foot. Orthotic insoles are a solution when standing on concrete or for long periods at a time.

Work Boots

People who work in an industrial environment can benefit from a sturdy pair of work boots. The boots should come with steel reinforcements and waterproof. Heavy boots are ideal when standing on a cement floor for the entire shift. They protect the feet from pain and fatigue, but designed to be unnoticeable and comfortable. The boots should come over the ankle about six to eight inches to provide the right amount of protection and support. Other styles are oxford, insulation designs, non-slip designs and wellington boots.

There are a variety of shoes on the market that provide comfort, support and protect the feet. Finding the most comfortable shoes for standing all day involves research and finding what works for you.

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