Selecting The Most Comfortable Shoes For Men

When selecting new shoes, most men look for style, durability and good fit. While each of these may be important, for the man who spends most of his day on his feet, the most important consideration is selecting the most comfortable shoes for men.

While there are many different styles, colors and designs for men’s shoes, the most comfortable shoes for men will not pinch one’s toes or cramp one’s feet. Uncomfortable shoes can be painful and can cause permanent damage to your feet and posture.

Finding comfortable men’s shoes can sometimes take a little more effort. However, the reward is that it is possible to find shoes that look great, and more importantly, feel comfortable on the feet. Today, it is possible to select stylish shoes that are just as comfortable.

Shopping for Men’s Comfort Shoes

When shopping for the most comfortable work shoes for men, try to shop later in the day or early in the evening. Your feet will be their largest due to fluid that collects in the feet. Always bring your own socks to try on shoes. It is best to bring the socks you will be wearing with the new shoes. The thin nylon foot covers most shoe stores provide do not allow you to know how the shoes will actually feel with your thicker athletic socks on the feet. Be sure to try both shoes and lace them as you normally would. Once you have the shoes on, be sure to walk around the store and try the shoes on both carpeted surfaces as well as hard surfaced floors. Never buy shoes that are too tight in hopes that they will stretch.

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Uppers are Important

Read to see the materials of which the shoe uppers are constructed. For the most comfortable men’s shoes, select leather or high-end synthetics that allow the feet to breathe. Cheap uppers that hold in moisture will cause the feet to smell bad at the end of the day and can lead to blisters.

Most people will find that soft uppers are more comfortable; however, those with problems with the balls of the feet may find a stiffer upper reduces stress from the foot.

Shoes need to be flexible and light but should feel comfortable immediately. While breaking in shoes may make them more comfortable, if they are not comfortable to begin with, they probably will never be.

Linings Add Comfort

The lining inside the shoe should be seamless and smooth for the greatest comfort. If the lining is not solidly attached to the inside of the shoe, it is likely to begin ripping and slipping within a few weeks, making the shoe very uncomfortable.

The most comfortable shoes for men may vary by the individual man. If you find a style that is comfortable and long wearing, you might choose to buy additional pairs from the same manufacturer for several years. However, since technology in shoes is constantly changing, it is likely that another manufacturer will create a shoe that is even more comfortable than the one you are wearing today.

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